The need for efficient extraction!

In India there is currently no exposure limit, however The Factories Act, 1948 (chapter three (Health), section 14 (Dust and Fume)) states the following:

"In every factory in which, by reason of the manufacturing process carried on, there is given off any dust or fume or other impurity of such a nature and to such an extent as is likely to be injurious or offensive to the workers employed therein, or any dust in substantial quantities, effective measures shall be taken to prevent its inhalation and accumulation in any workroom, and if any exhaust appliance is necessary for this purpose, it shall be applied as near as possible to the point of origin of the dust, fume or other impurity, and such point shall be enclosed so far as possible."

F Monitor

F Monitor, Filtermist's dual monitoring system, uses coloured warning lights to advise machine operators when a wide range of oil mist, dust, smoke and fume extraction equipment needs servicing, or if any of the filters are blocked.

If you want the security of knowing when your extraction equipment needs servicing, Filtermist can retrofit F Monitors and Pressure Gauges to monitor air flow and pressure – eliminating guesswork.

Filtermist’s dual monitoring system lets you know instantly if there are any issues with your extraction system, or if a service is due